Last 2 days I withdrew the last of my last payment from paypal . After this I am definite that there will be no more $$ for many many years to come...with PR - 0 , with no opportunities , no more paid posts to write.

I am not complaining about no paid post. I was thinking what should I do with that RM 1500+ that I got from my last payment??? They are hard earned money , you know?? Waking up at midnight hunting for paid posts to write... If midnight no...then with that hunting thoughts I slept and woke up early next morning to continue hunting ......and if there were opportunities, I, at times need to squeeze out my brain juice thinking of what to write and type to meet all the requirements.

At times my posts were rejected outright and the poor me....... have to grope here and there to find out why they were rejected because the reasons given by them are are often so vague and brief. As an ordinary human, I just don't want to give up on that miserable USD 5. The worst thing is..... there is nobody around to help me and for me to ask for help to find out why the rejection of my posts...hence many a times it is not single rejection, sometimes double or even triple rejections and you should hear my heartbeat when I checked my email after I have resubmited my posts!! Telling myself ..oh no.... not another rejection!!

Hence with those last $$ earned, should I.....

1. Buy a Nokia Hp 57oo with that amount to pamper and love myself ?

But then hor I already have my Sony w800i which is equally good?

Moreover I still have that spare old dinosaur Nokia 2100 hp lying there !!

Thus making me very guilty to spend my hard earned $$ like that....

2. Should I just deposit it into my FD and let it grow with that miserable interest of 3.1% p.a.?

3. Or should I iron all those $$ and put into tupperware container since they are very air tight?? Can be pressed flat somemore to save storage space!!

Any suggestions, please?

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    Anonymous said...

    May I suggest that you donate some of your last fat payment to:---

    Surely you don't want Dollah and gang to have a 2/3 majority again?

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  2. X'tina said...


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