Son #2 send an SOS asking me to help him to think of teochew dishes to cook for his belated CNY reunion dinner with his friends in UK. UK kah ? I tell myself .. Getting chinese cooking ingredients is a big problem le... Luckily I have been there myself and at least I know what are the things available at the supermarkets in Burnley . Moreover Burnley being a small town , do not have chinatown as in Manchester, Leeds and London where you can get all the chinese cooking ingredients at sky -rocket price!!But Burnley do have Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury supermarket.

So I have to refresh my mind about traditional teochew dishes

1. Ooi Nee ( Yam pudding)

This is a really traditional Teochew dish, easy to make too but how to get good , loose texture yam in UK?

2. Fish head cooked with yam

Fish like garupa or kurau is very difficult to get in UK, mostly they have salmon or cod fish . And again this dish is out too!

3. Kiam chye( salted veggies) duck with preserved lemon

Duck are not easily available in UK, what more to say salted vegetables and preserved lemon....again out this dish!!

4. Savoury Kuih: ( Jui kuih)

Easy to make too but how to get rice flour, starch or tapioca flour, dried radish or chai-poh and dried prawns in UK le? Alamak... teochew dishes got...but no ingredients....

5. Teochew Perng Kueh (潮州饭馃)
( the type with glutinous rice as filling)

These are very traditional Teochew kuih that I learn to make from my late mother-in-law.But where to buy glutinous rice and rice flour , moreover as bachelor he does not have big kuali to steam those kuih?

6. Rolled Fillings of Minced Prawns & Meat

Meat got, prawns (peeled and perboiled type) also got , but cannot buy those tauhu skin in Burnley...haiyor....

7. Lastly this dish come to my mind ....Pak lo duck

I suggested that he substituted the duck with chicken or even the 3 layer pork and add in some hard boiled eggs , that will be a Teochew dish.

Any other teochew dish you all can think of for me?

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    keeyit said...

    Seldom can see teochew restaurant here le.. BUT i have Pak Lo duck before just din know that is teochew dishes

  1. ... on 11:18 AM  
  2. Aleckii said...

    oooh! Yea, my mum's teochew so I'm quite well-versed in all things teochew too! What about Oni or yam puffs? Delicious!

    Too bad can't find yam in Russia...

    We have our belated Chinese New year Reunion dinner too, since me and some of my friends arrived later from Europe.

    Happy Chinese New Year, Mdm Kong, and send my regards to all the teachers in St Jo too!

  3. ... on 4:29 AM  
  4. Johnny Ong said...

    hmmmm he's missing malaysian food d

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  6. X'tina said...

    haha pak lor duck is very traditional teochew dish , teochews like their cooked duck to have that shiny look after pak lor by repeatingly scooping the sauce over the duck while cooking.

    yup . I love oni but too bad now I cannot eat any ..but can still smell and see.


    yup, He is missing Malaysian food especially teochew food. Actually British food is very dull and it is either tasteless or too salty!! Still Malaysian food is the best.

  7. ... on 5:28 PM