How angry: angry angry angry angry angry.....

angry with who: higher authority

angry of what: of people irresponsibilities!
of people who can only talk but cannot do their work well!!,
of people who never bother to jot down what other people tell her!
of people who likes to pass their work onto other conveniently

why angry: because people just do things at their own conveniences without taking
into account of other feelings!
because people who claims to be caring,yes caring cos they only care for
themselves only!!

I really feel like to go up to that person and say:

1. You......get lost!!
2. you are silly
3. you are kanasai
4. .....................

What will you say if you are as angry as me?

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    Maverick SM said...

    If I were you; I tell that guy to go to hell; call names of his whole family and uses all profound words of "wisdoomed".

    It's a right to be angry; as well as the right to be stupid and lazy.

    Let's get on with life and allow those idiots to co-exist.

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  2. X'tina said...

    Thanks Maverick. Advice taken and will do it next time when that silly kanasai person steps on my toes again.

  3. ... on 10:25 AM  
  4. Eric said...

    Ever watch Kung Fu Hustle? There's this lady with a very loud roar.

    Yeah, my idea is just to shout at that person. Just go "AAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhHHHHHHH~~~!!!!!!", then stomp your feet.

    Fuiyo, kiasi lang.

  5. ... on 6:32 PM  
  6. Anonymous said...

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