What is happening to people these days?
It make me sick to read these news...are you feeling the same or is it only me?
The police has confirmed that the body found in the bag was Nurin according to the latest update from the star . My deepest sympathy goes out to Nurin's parents if the report is true . As a parent, I understand how they feel. We all grieve with Nurin's parents.

Nurin is not the first. May Hong, nine, was raped and strangled just 70m from her home in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur in 1987. Harirawati, 10, was raped and murdered in Kota Kinabalu on Jan 19,2004. Nine days later, Nurul Huda, also 10, was raped by a security guard in the toilet of the guardpost of Kampung Pekajang in Johor, just 400m away from her house.

What happens to human beings these days ? Why do they do all these evil acts to poor, innocent , helpless children ? A thousand WHYS is running across my minds now!!!

Reading Nurin's blogsite set up by her father bring me to tears .

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    narrowband said...

    This incident really makes me feel sick... Words can't express my anger and sadness. I really hope something good will come out of the police's investigations. That said, the damage has been done................

  1. ... on 11:04 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    yea me too... feel pretty sad about the whole thing..why people need to be so cruel towards a helpless child??

  3. ... on 11:13 PM  
  4. Eric said...

    that's just so sad.. those rapists must have lost their purposes in life too..

  5. ... on 11:30 PM  
  6. jude said...

    the incident really make me sick.. if i find the kiler i really hope that he WIIL/ MUST STAY IN JAIL FOR EVER no FOR GIVENESS at all. it is a must. i hope that malaysian"s will help to look for for the keiler.

  7. ... on 10:31 PM