This news is taken from Borneo Post online today: Headline: Suspicion saves businesswoman from conmen

KUCHING: A businesswoman’s suspicion about her caller’s identity probably saved her from becoming the latest con victim.

The 40-year-old woman, surnamed Bong, from Jalan Hup Kee, said that she received a voice mail at 11.30am yesterday asking her to return the call.

When she called, she was greeted by a man identifying himself as ‘Kamaruzaman from the Kuala Lumpur High Court’ who said that there was a court case pending against her after her bank account was found to be involved in a drug case there.

Kamaruzaman’ further explained that an ‘Inspector Chan from Bukit Aman’ had recently busted a house belonging to a drug dealer known as Lim and that her account number was found inside the house.

A shocked Bong questioned the man as to why she had never received anything in writing stating that she had a court case pending against her.

Instead of answering her, the man instead passed the phone to ‘Inspector Chan’ who berated Bong for apparently not understanding the severity of the situation she was in.

The so-called inspector then asked Bong for her MyKad number and the name of her bank to ‘confirm’ if she was the woman he was looking for.

After passing the details to him, the ‘inspector’ proceeded to ask for Bong’s account number, saying that he needed it to check if it was the same account number involved in the case.

At this juncture, Bong began to grow suspicious and refused to disclose her account number, and questioned again as to why she had not received any official letter from either the court or the police regarding the so-called case.

Instead of answering, the person at the other end hung up.

Bong later lodged a police report over the incident, saying that she was worried as the caller now had her MyKad number and knew which bank she had an account with.

Yesterday’s failed attempt mirrored an earlier scam where a woman from Taman BDC was conned into transferring RM14,000 from her account into another account after she was contacted by a woman claiming to be a ‘court official’.

In the incident, which was reported in thesundaypost on Sept 16, the 26-year-old woman was told that she had a court case pending after her bank account was involved in a drug transaction, and that she had to transfer her money from her account to prevent it from being seized or frozen.

The same thing has happened to 4 of my colleagues these 2 days and 3 of them even get repeated calls to their home phones...God knows where did they manage to get all these phones numbers and names!!! Luckily they are not conned my dear readers of mine ,do be more alert when you receive call like this. Just bang the phone down and tell them to get lost, or like my sis-in-law suggested, get a list of all the curse words ready and curse them back kow kow

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    Eric said...

    if we're not paying for the phone calls, why not entertain the caller aka scammer with positive attitude..? it will take them awhile to realize all the happy conversation is costing them too much..

  1. ... on 11:52 PM