Dear Pak Lah,
It is nice but unrefreshing to hear about this single session school. Unrefreshing because I have heard it 16 years ago. that was the time my sons were still in primary school and they were both in the morning session while me and my husband were teaching in the afternoon session . At that time when it was announced that the government would make all school single session schools , me and my husband were all very happy to hear it. We waited and waited for it to be implemented because it means that we could spend more quality time with our 2 sons at that time since they were so young and leaving them at home in the afternoon was a BIG worry for us.
But now, my sons - one who is already working and the other in university already , we are still hearing the same old story all over again...the story of the single session school and now 16 years later me and my husband are still teaching in this double session school system.
Now my doubt is : Will this be implemented before I retire in 6 years' time?
Thank You. Malaysia Boleh.

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