Okay friends, after 2 continuous posts about that frustrating UPSR. let's de-stress by looking at these beautiful flowers . With Picasa2 and some free software found online I manipulate these photos for my best friend who took all the trouble to wake up at midnight to take these photos cos these flowers will only bloom around midnight and she even lay on the ground to take some fantastic shots...ok let behold the lovely sights:

And a piece of extra info. she also has a cat which is named Boh-boh and she claims that her cat has very high IQ , so high that the musuem requested and framed the cat's pictures up for people to admire.

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    Aaron said...


    When a friend told me that you have a blog, I didn't quite believe him until he sent me your blog URL!!

    I was one of your students. I see you in church every Saturday evening. hahaha...

    How have you been?

  1. ... on 2:40 PM  
  2. FFX Madman said...

    Hey hi!! U got one fan in aaron lerr... Add me me in..

    How he know that cat so smart??? smarter then 3a?? ^^

    Btw... please check my blog and leave long-long comments. I want to know if u like it... hehe

  3. ... on 3:10 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Good evening Aaron,
    Welcome to my blog. I am fine, 10Q.
    What make you not believe that I have a blog...but don't expect too much cos I will not blog about my teaching life here....this is more of p2b blog...
    ok.. so which Aaron are you...so many Aarons in church every Saturday ??
    No matter which aaron you are, u are still sama sama welcome here.

  5. ... on 7:07 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    hi Cyril,
    Sure I will add you in since you have been my faithful "fan".
    About the cat and how he know taht cat so smart then you ask to need Benedict lor...cos he knows the act better than me ...I only know how to send the cat's photo to the museum.
    Sure I will check your blog after this and leave a long long comment there..

  7. ... on 7:11 PM  
  8. Melody said...

    cool stuff

  9. ... on 10:34 AM