Just back from East valley camp after a half day trip there. Wondering where is this East Valley Camp? It is at the 32nd Mile , Jalan Kuching-Serian and about 40 minutes drive away from Kuching town . This is mainly used by Corporate bodies as team building camp or as survey camp for engineers . Nice and peaceful place .

The Admin block and the road leading to the camp

the pond overlooking the hostels:

From the camp we went jungle tracking to a nearby waterfall and we passed one longhouse called Kampung Taee Mawang. These are the scenery on the way to the waterfall:

The camp is really situated in a valley , no wonder it is called East Valley Camp.

These are huts built specially for storing padi and notice the legs of the huts? Those are built to prevent rats and mice from going into the huts to eat their padi...genius people... because rats are not cliffhangers

A rare sight these days .....drying rubber sheets in the sun :

Hill padi and wild mushrooms found on the way to the waterfall:

After half an hour walk at last we reached the untouched beauty: The waterfall

And what is better than nice food prepared by the camp manageress after walking to the waterfall and back to the nice house of the manageress and when your stomach are geeeerrrrrring...

Thank you Florence for the nice food and the warm reception that you have given us.
Anyone interested to have a course or a stay at East Valley Camp you can ring
082-256250 or
013-8215224 or

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