I was at LCCT on 28th August 2007, on the way back from KL to Kuching after attending my son's convocation. Before reaching LCCT I got a phone call from Air Asia telling me they have rescheduled my flight :The conversation goes like this:
Air Asia's personnel :Mdm Christina, did u received our SMS telling you that your
flight at 8.25 am had been rescheduled?
Me: No
Air Asia's personnel : Okay, we are ringing to tell you that your flight has been
rescheduled to 1.50 pm
Me: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket 1.50 pm ?
Cannot lar..by the time I reached Kuching, it will be too late
already because I am supposed to go back and teach . Moreover I did not apply
any leave for that day .

Air Asia's personnel : What about 12.15 pm flight ?
Me : Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Still too
late for me lar
Air Asia's personnel : Then I will try to arrange an earlier flight for you.... just
let me check...Ok there is a flight at 7.10 am , is it
Me: Yes , it is very alright ( cos I can reach Kuching earlier than my booked flight
so no need to rush to schoool, can even afford to have a short nap before I go
to school with this new schedule)
Air Asia's personnel: Okay so it is confirmed that your flight will be rescheduled
to 7.10 am instead of 8.25 am
Me : Tenkiu, tenkiu

So the moral of the lesson for friends out there , next time if you do recieve the SMS from Air Asia do ring the telephone numbers provided at the end of their SMS and
negiotiate the best time for yourself, instead of getting stuck in LCCT for God knows how many hours
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket for Air Asia

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    Anonymous said...

    Is there anymore information you can give on this subject. It answers a lot of my questions but there is still more info I need. I will drop you an email if I can find it. Never mind I will just use the contact form. Hopefully you can help me further.

    - Robson

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