Remember clearly the first time me and husband sent him here , 5 years ago. On the way to back to the airport, I just can't controlled my tears cos that was the first time I left him in a strange place .
But time really flies , now after 5 years he has graduated and we are back to Universiti Teknology Petronas to attend his convo. We flew in from Kuching to LCCT while he drove down from Sungai Petani since he is now working as a maintence engineer in Petronas Fertliser Kedah.
So here are his photos for the convo:
1. Gift from mummy and daddy

2. Night before convo

3. son & girl friend

4. Chancellor Hall are ready for the grand event

5. son and room mate

6. son and friends

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    FFX Madman said...

    Ah!! ur son have a girlfriend!! expectin anything teacher??

  1. ... on 8:15 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Haha, what to expect Cyril.....that's life lor..or do I expect him to be the capital letter Father or the small letter father ?

  3. ... on 8:19 PM  
  4. nerdook said...

    small letter father in the small letter future.

  5. ... on 9:40 PM