Just got a letter and a file to appoint me as a mentor to a novice teacher who is a fresh graduate , so she will be observing me and learning how to control discipline while teaching in class today. I welcome her to my class. But personally I am thinking:
1. Class control is not a thing that you can learn straight away in 30 minutes or so. just by looking at how other teacher control the class
2. Class control is slowly built up and it starts from the very first day you enter the class.Tell the students straight away on the first day what you expected from them and what they expected from you.
3. Once you tell the students what you expected from them , by all means carry out what you have told them . For example if you tell them you will punish them if they did not do their homework then you just need to punish them right from the day he did not do his homework..
4. If we expect the students to do what we say then we should do what they do too, like if we want them to wear name tag then we as teachers should wear our name tag too.
5. The most important of all is - we need to earn students' respect. Earning respect is not a matter of overnight thing . It is being built up slowly over the time.
6. We need to be firm and fair in all our class decisions and punishments .
7. The last and most important technique is get to know the names of all your students , be it 200 or 300 names . Because nothing is more effective than to call his name out loud when he misbehaves and that is why during the first week of every school year for the last 27 years , the very first thing I do is - painstakingly remember all my students' names. Hence every year in my hard disk I have around 300 names which I will delete at the end of the school year and getting ready to remeber the new bench of new 300 names . But interestingly our memory are so selective, naughty and good students names will always remain in our memory while the mediocre ones we will just forget. Come to think of it , I have remembered 300X27 names already ...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    Eric said...

    well, do you remember my full name..? =D

  1. ... on 9:29 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Are you Eric Soon Jern Hwa? Hope I get it correct....and classmate of Kelvin Sia , Justin Lo and Shaun Ho and you were once in 2C class? Hope I get it right cos there are so many Erics In SJS.

  3. ... on 10:35 PM  
  4. Eric said...

    wow.. you got my name and its spelling correct.. bravo~~!! but hor, i was in 2B.. still, the three of them were my classmate in form 4 and 5..

  5. ... on 1:00 AM  
  6. X'tina said...

    haha... not bad hor... and that was so many years ago liao... actually as age is catching up...my memory of students' name is failing and moreover my memory disk space is only 128 MB so hopefully can upgrade to 4 GB in the near future!!!Every beginning of the year when I want to remember new names, my hard disk will tell me that memory space is full so want or not I need to delete all the old names and save new names....That's why I always tell my students if I don't remember their names , it is not that I have forgotten you all ....it is just that I am getting old..very old!!

  7. ... on 6:23 AM