1. 10X - thanks

2. ATM - At The Moment

3. AYT - Are You There

4. B4N - Bye for Now

5. CD9 - Code 9 is often used in chat rooms to alert other users that a parent or a
teacher is in the room.

6. F2F - Face to Face
I enjoyed talking to you would you like to meet me F2F?

7. GFU - good for you

8. H8 - hate

9. HAND - have a nice day

10.J/K - Just Kidding

11.L8R - later

12.MTFBWY - may the force be with you

13.OMW - on my way

14.PAW - Parents Are Watching

15.TYT - Take Your Time

So what is your score?

15 to 10 correct - you are cool man!

9 to 5 correct - way to go man!

4 to 0 - u old fashion man!!

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    Maverick SM said...

    You want to know my score?


    Serious; I tried but can't even get one right!

    Am I old fashion man? *sob*

  1. ... on 10:49 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    The youngsters will say " u no cool man!"

    I will say, "We same boat man!"

  3. ... on 10:53 PM