I was doing my once a week cleaning yesterday and in my mind I am comparing Malaysian houses to Engish houses.

1. Super Small, narrow and an super steep staircases in English houses. So small and steep that if you are carrying a big suitcase upstairs, it will be a big problem. As for the furniture, most of them buy those detachable type or else there is no way to bring a fixed big cupboard upstairs.

2. Nearly the whole house is carpeted so there is no need for indoor broom or mop like the one we have at home. A vacuum cleaner is a must get item there.

3. In Malaysia here when we clean our bathroom we can splash and brush everywhere with water, but not in UK houses because the floor is made from oak wood . Everything need to be wiped and they bath with shower curtain to prevent water from splashing on the floor.

4. Another funny thing about UK bathroom cum toilet is everytime you enter. you need to grope about for that long piece of string hanging from the ceiling in order to switch on the light and the ventilator at the same time. Hre, we just look for the switch near the bathroom room .

4. We have big car porch for 2 or 3 cars , most UK homes has no car porch at all, except for those super rich ones.

5. Where to dry our clothes in winter? Here:

On the heater, and surprisingly it dries pretty fast and the clothes are really crispy( like keropok) after drying and we can just put layers and layers of clothes to be dried here.

6. UK's kichen does not have tiles , instead they are using oak wood too.

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    keeyit said...

    Yeah, very different.. I think houses are build to suit the environment as well as the condition of our lands

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  2. Anonymous said...

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  4. X'tina said...

    Yup, the houses there are really different. The interesting thing about the houses there is they really built them according to the land contour.

    Hi Ai Hoo,
    Yup, I am that tall kong. Aisehman , after so many years and nice of you to find my blog. So how is life? Last year we just have a reunion with Agnes Ling from Canada in Kuching here with Clement Sia, John wong, Kah Loon and ppl. Keep in touch and my email is chriskong57@hotmail.com

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  6. Anonymous said...

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  8. Helen said...

    I think those English homes look real nice. Too bad it's the weather that I dun like.

    Anyway, don't think those English homes have so many 'bars' on their windows and slidiing door. Unlike here. Even balcony also got iron bars. Really look like a bird cage. lol

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  10. Aleckii said...

    No more any new updates? It¨s mz turn to be on holiday now! I§m touring around Europe!

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  12. yapthomas said...

    i tried looking for your e-mail contact in the blog but i couldn't. some help please?

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