Chinese New Year is just round the corner, less than 3 weeks away, but I am super duper free because this year there is

- no CNY shopping to do
- no cookies to bake
- no cakes to make
- no concrete pavement to clean
- no cushion to change
- no CNY decor to put up

Muahahar cos this is my CNY plan:

Reunion Dinner - eat in restaurant,

First day of CNY - after eating breakfast at my SIL's place then go to temple to pay respect to my late MIL, then zoom we drive to Sarikei ( my hometown).For info , I have not spent any CNY in Sarikei for the last 28 years, since I married into the Teochew's family.

Second day of CNY - drive to Sibu to attend my husband's niece wedding which will be on the third day of CNY

Third day of CNY - attend wedding in Sibu

Fourth day of CNY - drive back to Kuching which will take us 6-7 hours of driving

Fifth day of CNY - back to school to teach lor.....

So while everyone rushing here and there to buy CNY goodies and shopping, I can afford to goyang my kaki at home....hohoho..

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    clara said...

    Just 3 weeks away?! I've been avoiding any countdown. :-)
    I consider it bliss to be able to stay away from all the prep work. I always see tired faces on relatives on the first day of CNY and that's because they had only slept for a few hours.

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  2. X'tina said...

    I agree with you, I too avoid the countdown since there are so many things to do and prepare.

    Actually for the last few years , I have to work and work till the CNY eve to get all the things ready. When they do the countdown to the new year with fireworks and fire crackers outside my house, I am still mopping the

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  4. bayi said...

    CNY and festival days have slowly meant less and less to my family since we lived in KL. The fast pace is no good for anyone. :) It's a culture of dog-eat-dog world. Opting out of the rat race would be the best gift that I can give to myself. Hopefully this year...

    So, you are from Sarawak?

  5. ... on 11:44 AM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Yup, actually all happy occasion these days are all very commercialised be it CNY, X'mas and the worst one is Valentine day.

    The best way to celebrate CNY is just relax, enjoy all the best food at home and have a good rest before the short holidays ends.

    Yup, I am from Sarawak, been here before?

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  8. bayi said...

    Sorry for the late reply. No, I have yet to visit Sarawak, I am embarrassed to say. But I hope to do it soon.

    My two room-mates during my varsity days were from Sarawak. I have not met them since graduation and though they gave me their correspondence addresses, all cards and notes to them have drawn a blank. I heard one of them is the MD of a listed company now but I have not contacted him.

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