Got an MSN msg from one of my students just now, something like:
Help me to see this photo( with some file attached) can be used or not?
Being a helpful person, unsuspecting of anything, I clicked on the file and download it, then habis lar...the file generates into an autosend and send to all my contacts on MSN......
First reply I get is luckily from my closest IT savy contact who tells me the photo I send got virus, I say har....when did I send you any photo then my quick mind tells me that it must be a virus that autosend the same file to all my contact on MSN...SI LAR like that..then I quickly type MSN message to all my other contacts on my MSN but too late ...all got virus.....
I scan my computer with AVG but got nothing so if you also got hit like this the best way is uninstall your MSN from your programme, then reinstall again.And that is what I have just done.

Moral of the lesson: You just cannot be too helpful in the cyber world.

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    awhit said...

    do i have a virus ? not able to access my msn email/messenger, or msn.com at home. BUT, can 40 miles away, using a different service provider !

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  2. X'tina said...


    If you are from Malaysia, then last few days it was streamyx problem cos I faced the same problem last week. Now it is fixed.
    Try to uninstall all the msn messenger programme from "add or remove programme" from your control panel, then reinstall again by downloading from MSN site.

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