I was driving passed one of the Chinese Primary school this morning and it was recess time and I saw a lot of parents bringing food to the school for their kids' recess. I was thinking to myself:
Is this necessary? Why don't they just let their kids ta-pow the food to school in the morning rather than sending the food personally to the school for their children's recess time. The parents not only causes traffic jam on the road leading to the school , they also spoilt their kids like that.And many of the parents I saw are working parents who specially takes time off to see their kids during recess time and I have been noticing that, this is happening the whole year round and not just at the beginning of school terms.
I was thinking, when we were young our parents never ever send any food to us when we were in school , be it kindy or primary school. Most of the time we were just given 10 sen to buy whatever we think we want to eat in school so don't you think the children nowadays are too spoilt by their parents? Or is it because parents nowadays are more free when compared to our parents at our time?

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    Eric said...

    Well, all parents love their kids. It just our(not mine yet) choice whether to show it to the public or not.

    Perhaps those parents find it worth to sacrifice their working hours for their cahaya mata.

    I'm wondering whether this will affect the children's dependency on their parents in the future or not.

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  2. X'tina said...

    I personally feel that it is better to train the kids to buy their own food or if parents are afraid that their cahaya mata will be squeezed flat while lining up to buy food then just "tapaw" for them before they go to school in the morning and leave them to socialise with their friends during recess time.

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  4. keeyit said...

    Yeah, I agreed too. actually parents should teach their children to be independent on buying food from the canteen instead of everyday wait for parents come to feed them.. School canteen should also provide healthy food for the children instead of selling all kind of snacks..

    During my school time, my mum wont send me any meals and I bought my meal from canteen lol..

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  6. Maverick SM said...


    Time have changed since when we were young. Today's parent are not more free, but kids are pampered lots.

    Plus, maybe, they take time off from work to relax, and bosses accepts.

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  8. Jervynna said...

    i am proud to say that never ever did my mum step into my school during recess time. not during primary school, not even during kindergarden. they dun even pick me up from school!! it was always the driver or school bus or the old uncle(that was during kindy).

    this entry of urs reminds me of a boy a year younger than i was. his mum came every single day to school. not only did she bring food. she FED him. literally FEED him. take the rice and put into his mouth. mind you, this boy was already in primary 5! even if he was in primary1, it will still somehow be unacceptable. right?
    he's now all-grown-up in form4. i wonder if his mum still does that. teacher, if you see a mum in st jo canteen, feeding his form5 son, do tell me k?? it might just be him.

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  10. Helen said...

    I agree. Ipoh schools are mostly within the city. That is the reason why there's so much jam. There was a big hoo-ha when there was suggestion to allocate the schools to outside the city. Those schools inside the city are mostly 'femes'old schools. So nobody dare to touch them.

    Back in my days, my mother 'tapau' a lunch box for me. It's so uncool lar.. Everybody else was eating from the canteen. But then pls dun laugh har, I guess the reason is becos I cannot count money. If I buy 20cents roti, I dun know how much I'll get back with my dollar. Muaharhar, I'm a complete moron when it comes to maths. I think only in STd 3 I started understanding. :-P

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  12. X'tina said...

    Our time our parents will never send any food to school for us.
    Even if the canteen sells healthy food, I think the parents will still send food during recess just to make sure the kids eat lor.

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  14. X'tina said...

    Yeah, things have really changed as compared to our times.
    Driving to school during recess is relaxing? I doubt it, cos you have to rush there for parking space and to rush back to office again!
    Anyway it is all done out of that extra extra love lor.Sometimes I do admire parents like that, sacrificing everything for their anak , even their own tea break.

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  16. X'tina said...

    Haha cos we all are not street smart kids mah...but not bad le, by std 3 you already know how to handle $$.
    I tapau-ed for my 2 sons since kindy to F5 but to make sure they can handle money I did give them some money too in case they want to buy more delicious from the canteen and also to ring home if they need to do so.

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  18. X'tina said...

    LOL...Where got F5 the mum still feeding him?
    Wow! you are so indepedemt le...good for you because even if it means squeezing through the crowds during recess to buy food, it means learning too , right?

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