Another year gone, and another year to look forward to. I am a person who never make New Year resolution.

School have started and now seeing a completely new group of students again , hence now is the time to delete all those 2007, 200+ names from my memory bank and saving new 200+ names into my 256MB brain age is catching up , I found that I am slower in remembering names as compared in my younger days!!

Aisehman ....28 years of teaching life has gone and just 6 more years to go......but life is getting better for us now cos this is the first time in 28 years that we are asked to teach 20 periods a week instead of 25 periods as in the last 28 years.

Another good thing to begin the school year is there are only 27 students in my own form good now I can bring them wherever I want. That day I brought the whole class to the textbook store to get the free textbooks for them all since there are 15 textbooks for each of them . This is really a relief as compared to 50 students per class years back...

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    keeyit said...

    Yeah times fly.. what to do ? Hahaha.. as long as we live happily and healthy then enough la..

    Happy weekend ya

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  2. Aleckii said...

    Haha! So true! I never make new year resolutions too! Normally if you asked my by 7th January, what were my resolutions... I would have totally forgotten about it already...

    Good luck to your new students, Pn Kong! They're lucky to have a dedicated teacher like you as their form teacher.

    I still remembered first day of having you in class- You were reading our names, then stopped at Ek Kia, 'your brother is Ek Han?' then stopped at me, 'your brother is Kenneth?' then stopped at Edwin Tan, and you mentioned his brother too.

    I still remembered that clearly (except for edwin's elder brother's name- somehow that slipped my mind already) and that shows a lot in you, that your students are more than just a face or just another person you need to teach.

    But anyways, have a nice year ahead!

    Oh, we finally visited the orphanage here in Kursk. It was sooooooo fun! We had so much fun I am still smiling now recalling it.

    And I emceed the whole event in Russia too! ;p

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  4. brandon said...

    Wahlau, i didn't know that the class is so small right now. Does that mean that St Joe is taking less students or you purposely take smaller classes :)?

    Congrats on the 20 periods per week too, I guess you have more time now to do other stuff that you like.

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  6. X'tina said...

    Yup, I agree 101% with you, that is always be healthy and happy.

    Wow ! Your memory so good one kah? After so many years can still remember all those!!BTW, Edwin's elder brother's name is Eric ( if I am not mistaken).
    Actually I really enjoyed teaching you all and nice and proud to see you all grow up and be successful in life.
    Good to know that you are enjoying yourself in Russia. I have read your blog about that. Keep it up.

    Don't know why last year F1 intake was so small maybe because of the zodiac sign( I think) so that is why this year all the F2 classes are very small...2A only 37 ppl!!.

    No, I didnt choose to have 27 ppl in 2H as form teacher, school admin gave me so I just take lor.Good also... very near to my lab, can anytime can go there and stare at them with my God's given big eyes (LOL) stare enuf to make them all pengsan hor...

    All the teachers in SJS are now given much less teaching load, I think it is because they want to create more posts for the fresh graduates, that's why so we veterans can enjoy a little bit before we retire.

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  8. Jervynna said...

    i really like ur reading your blog as u show the world that even teachers are human too! we students never seem to undrstnd what teachers think!

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  10. Maverick SM said...

    Welcome home to CatLand!

    Good to hear of your pleasingness of the school matters.

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  12. Helen said...

    27 students only

    Hey, you sked the rest off ar? lol

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  14. X'tina said...

    Catland..or is it the BolehLand?

    No more pleasingness liao cos the dept now tell the school that there is a miscalculation of quota of teachers so now we all wait to see what the school is going to do
    with those 40 periods of lessons which was supposed to be filled by the promised to come but will never come teachers.
    So Boleh the Land that things like quota of teachers can also get messed up!!That shows how good is their maths!!

    Yup, I sked them with those God's given BIG eyes. haha

    Thanks for the comment. Teachers are just as human as students.

    So what are you doing after SPM? Goyang kaki kah?

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  16. Eric said...

    27 students is like a little bit more than a class in uni. Normally we had about 15~20 students only.

    But good also lah. Class so big, student so little. You can easily spot someone talking.

    Some more the Old Boys block is rather quiet in the afternoon.

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  18. Jervynna said...

    im "spreading my wings and flying to perth" to do my western australia university foundation. i no goyang kaki one. 24hrs a day barely even enough. hw to goyang kaki? =P

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  20. angeline said...

    hello teacher! Happy New Year! :) I got A for Science! THANK YOU!!!! :) my result ok ok only cuz my reading subjects i did poorly because i do not like reading! hehe... well at least my science is A. i was sooo afraid that i'll be your first student who give you a B or even C because in school, my highest was 72. haha.. again, THANK YOU TEACHER!!! :D

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  22. X'tina said...

    Of cos in uni the classes are smaller. We all prefer smaller class cos it is much easier to control , just pray and hope that there will be no more new transfer-in of students.

    Take care and all the best in Perth.

    Congrats and I feel real proud of you all.

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  24. Jervynna said...

    thank you!

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  26. Aleckii said...

    So long no updates???

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