Whenever the annual staff dinner, we always have this happy feelings that another busy year has ended peacefully. This year we had our staff dinner at The Banquet where many of us are lost cos we all thought that it will be at the Main Hall ..only to be told later that it is at the upper floor of a shophouse like this:

The best of the best thing is this door gift that comes with a number with that packet of fruit:

I got a number "003" which I placed no hope at all, 003? 003? and who knows that number "003" was a lucky number indeed.....or is it that I was sitting at a lucky table cos 5/10 of us at the table all got something for the lucky draw that night.

Want to know what are in that hamper?

None that I can eat so can only take photos.

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    Choonie, the Guru said...

    I still have more than 25 years to go! I will suggest this place for our annual dinner next year. This year we had annual lunch at the pool side of Holiday Inn. With the amount of money we paid, we can have lunch at Meisan instead of sauna-ing by the pool side in the middle of the afternoon. I won a hamper too but I wonder how many melamine products in it. LOL

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  2. X'tina said...

    Congrats for being the lucky ones to win hamper...sauna-ing by the pool???anyway at least better than eating porridge at home...haha

    Wow... ur teaching career is 5X of mine, anyway don't think so much ...go and have a happy and relaxing holiday to rejuvenate in order to face another new year.

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