I have been wanting to go and try the food at The Grill( former Tao Lifestyle Cafe & Gallery) for a long time already after seeing the newspaper advertisement. Since my auntie was here last weekend, that is the best excuse to go to the Grill.

It is priced at RM 28 nett per person , but personally I found that the buffet is lousy and overpriced too, They did serve us grill stuff like this:

But we found that they are quite stingy because even though it was only 7.30 pm when we ask for second helping of the grill stuffs, we were told that they have no more kebab and we didn't even see any sausages as advertised on the board outside the shop downstairs.

There was no clean plate for us to change so we started to "steal" clean plates from the unoccupied tables . We asked for extra tissues paper but they never come. Plain water costs extra RM 1!!

The only thing nice is perhaps the decor only:

The roof:

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