Even though the school year has ended but my holiday haven't started yet , I am doing the most dreaded job....supervising SPM examination.

Reasons why we loathe to supervise SPM examination?

1. The supervision will use up half of our well deserved holiday

2. We need to wake up and start driving to our examination centre as early as 6 am while the rest of my colleagues who are not supervising can sleep till very late as it is now holiday.

3.We hate those long sessions ...one hour 15 minutes is bearable...one hour 45 minutes is still bearable ...2 hours paper is real torturing and 2 and half hour paper is ...ALAMAK!!

4. Most of the days we have to supervise morning and afternoon paper, leaving home at 6 am and will not be home till 5 pm !!

5. If we go back for lunch break even if there is a 2 hour break , we cannot claim for our petrol since we are only entitled to make a claim on one journey back and forth a day...go to examination centre one time and go back home from examination centre one time only....even though we have papers in the morning and also in the afternoon!!!

6. We need to choose the whichever is nearer journey ...from school to examination centre or from home to examination centre and we can only claim the nearer journey despite of leaving faithfully from our home every morning at 6 am . For example if from my home to examination centre is 25 km and if from my school to examination centre is 15 km, then we can only claim 15 km even though everyday we drove 25 km from our HOME to examination centre and back!!

7. During supervision, we are not supposed to read anything , 100% alert and always on our toes!
When age is catching up this is a tedious job especially trying not to doze off during the afternoon paper after those morning paper with no bath in between!!

Looking on the bright side ...at least the view on the road at 6 sth am is nice like this, driving towards the mountain called Gunung Serapi:

School that I am supervising:

The scene at the place to collect question papers at 6.30 am :

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    Maple said...

    Is that school is Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuching located somewhere at Batu Kawa? Is very far.
    I have been there for Science - Physics Exhibition!

    Teacher, everyday? From 11th November till 5th Disember?

  1. ... on 9:39 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Yup, you are correct, that is SM Sains at Jalan Matang - Batu Kawa.
    From 11th November till 27th November..

  3. ... on 9:43 PM  
  4. maple said...

    how is the SPM Maths Paper 1 & 2 paper?

    Do you have the chance to see the question papers? I mean after the Mathematics paper ended.

  5. ... on 9:50 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    The paper seem quite easy. Amazingly the students at my centre are very prepared with all the drawing instruments to draw curved lines for graphs and they all did the Paper 2 up to the last minute, not like in some other centres where the students sleep through the 2 and half hours.

  7. ... on 10:30 PM  
  8. keeyit said...

    Yeah my brother also taking exam now.. Hope he is doing ok la...

  9. ... on 1:17 PM  
  10. Choonie, the Guru said...

    Hahaha... I escaped it for 3 years. I think it will definitely be my turn next year. I know how it feels like sitting and standing for so long. I even supervised for 3 hours.
    You are lucky to supervise at SM Sains. If you are in some other schools, you will see them sleeping as early as 10 minutes after the paper starts or leave the room in 30 minutes time.

  11. ... on 11:05 AM  
  12. X'tina said...

    Lucky you can escape...teach me how liao...anyway just 3 more full days to go before the next 4 years' turn for me...teach me how to escape so that I can use it the year before I retire..hihi..

    Ya, I am lucky to supervise at SM Sains for the students there are very well behaved and in all the subjects they strive and try up to the last minute. They do ask for lots of writing papers though but since they are so good , I always give them extra since they use the writing papers for a good course.

  13. ... on 10:29 AM  
  14. Choonie, the Guru said...

    Oh yes.. I forget to say that I even experienced 'bombing' the school after they leave their exam room or 'booming' around with their motorbikes' or cars' big exhaust pipes.
    I didn't actually 'escape'. In my previous school, many teachers like to supervise for extra cash. They can claim for quite a lot of money because many of them stay in the school. I had a good excuse for not supervising last year and really really lucky this year that the school forgets to list down my name for supervision this year. So, next year is a definitely year to supervise.

  15. ... on 10:50 PM  
  16. Anonymous said...

    Secondary school teachers in the Peninsula used to ask their friends in the numerous primary schools to replace them as invigilators. Isn't this allowed in East Malaysia?

  17. ... on 12:05 PM  
  18. X'tina said...

    Those "bombs" are very common in school after exams. for the students , it is the louder the merrier!!

    haha....it will be your turn to supervise next year...pray and hope that they forget about you again cos the supervision is real boring and long hours too.....

  19. ... on 7:11 PM  
  20. X'tina said...

    In Sarawak we usually ask our own colleagues to help us out if we cannot supervise and we never call primary school teachers to help us.

  21. ... on 7:13 PM