Went for blood glucose test again this morning-- Fasting glucose reading was 5.6 mmol/L. when I see the reading on the glucometer I was so happy ...now it is in the normal range after 25 days of exercise , special diet, bittergourd, cinnamon and the latest addition - misai kucing tea .. thanks to Soo Chiew who took all the trouble to look for misai kuching plants with leaves and sent the whole bouquet to my house... really touched by friends like that. Thanks to Rose too for helping me to look for the plants with roots so that the survival rate of the plant is higher. Thank You friends.
I was joking with my sister-in -law whose glucose reading was 5.4 mmol/L and she is eating durian everyday that i can start eating my favourite durian too .. no lar.. i won't ..... Just joking with her
In all probability i will be stuck with oat, cereal, unpolished rice , lots of veggies, guava , bittergourd, cinnamon, misai kucing tea for the rest of my life.
so all my readers out there do take care of your health...or else like me now ...is a complete change of lifestyle....do avoid those cola, 7-up and even 100 plus and those refined sugar, refined flour food...I have heard of so many 30 something young people who also have these high glucose in their blood and have a complete change in their food and lifestyle and medication for the rest of their life.. i also heard of a ST Teresa school teacher who is only 40 sth and now on insulin injection.

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    Anonymous said...

    teacher... 40 smth is still ok..

    I have a friend who takes insulin injection now eh.. still form 5..

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  2. X'tina said...

    Poor kid....I think that person is type 1 insulin ... blame it on the genes.
    As for me , it is type 2... blame it on our lifestyle......too much carbohydrates, too much sweet food like soft drinks, too little exercises and too stressful our daily life which causes hormone upset as insulin is one of the hormones produced by our body.
    So you all out there, do take good care of your health.

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