The first question that my MSN friends and buddies at home always ask is what is the temperature? cold kah?
The temperature now is -4 degrees Celsius. To tell you it is cold, you will only know that it is cold. Hence during our daily walk to town yesterday I took these photos to show folks at home how cold is cold.

1. This is how all cars outside the house look like in the morning. The water on the car's roof top and the windscreen has frozen so before driving they all need to scrape off that thick layer of ice. We are thinking why not just take hot water from the tap and pour it over, isn't that a faster way to melt the ice?

2. Fresh frozen leaves.
3. Dry frozen leaf
4. This is how the green patch of grass looks like.
5. There is even ice on the road, good for ice-skating hor. Mind you it can be very slippery when you walk on it. Talking about ice on road, when we were on our way back from London , we saw many of those blinking signs saying: "Accidents ahead" and then" Gritting in process "and we were wondering apa itu gritting? We were joking that we should sms Mary Wee, my buddy , an English teacher to ask her apa itu gritting since we were in the coach and there is no way to check the meaning of that word. Can't blame me lar cos my English teacher last time never teach me that word. Haha, I know you also don't know the meaning of that word too, right? If you don't know , go and check it out yourself hor.

6.See so cold that even dogs are wearing thick baju!!

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    Aleckii said...

    Cold? I'll say you never know cold until you've experience snow blizzard in a -20 degree celcius place. Your ears hurt and feels like they are going to break any minute, you nose are running, but then the serous fluid turns into ice immeditely so you feel pain inside your nose, you vision is practically absent in a piece of white snow, the wind blowing against your face makes you feel like your skin can crack any second, even though you're wearing gloves, the cold still bites your fingers...

    I can go on and on and on! Hahaa! -4 is normal for me now after that!

  1. ... on 10:58 AM  
  2. Eric said...

    Eh? Mary Wee is one of my buddy's aunt!! How coincident.

  3. ... on 7:40 PM