Strolled along Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester and saw these super beautiful flowers on sale, how I wish I can bring all these flowers back to Sarawak:

Rainbow roses:
Blue roses:

Pink roses:
The not-so beautiful roses but still roses:

Aren't they beautiful especially the rainbow roses?

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    Helen said...

    It's beautiful. But then did you inspect the rainbow and blue roses carefully? I suspect some of these people dye their roses. It's done here in Bolehland.

    Hey, I would die for those wreaths. Looks so beautiful. :-)

  1. ... on 3:53 PM  
  2. yapthomas said...

    nice pictures.. love all ur post about uk.. :)

    checking back my old blog.. i see that you've been linking to me.. :)

    btw, i'm no longer blogging at :)

    it should read

    good day there.

  3. ... on 5:23 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    hahaha that is Bolehland, here is Queen's land ..everything original

    I will add your new link. Nice to know that u love those UK posts, at least worth my airfare to fly all the way here to visit UK and taking photos hor.."just joking"

  5. ... on 3:20 PM