I am not a person who is into those high-tech phones . Many a times my students handphones are more high tech than mine.
For now I have 3 handsets with me
1. My old faithful Nokia 2100

2. Second hand sony ericcson from son#2

3.3 days ago saw this super slim handphone from ASDA costing only GBP 5.99, so slim that I fell in love with it and bought it.

It suits my needs, not too high tech. No camera which I like, No MP3 which I like too because for me handphones are mainly used to make and receive call so without any further thoughts I just bought it.
But when I came home to test it , found that it is a locked phone. In UK here if you buy pay as you go phones with sim cards, they will lock your phones so you can only use their sim cards on that phones...clever hor. But not so clever cos if you go to the market, there are a lot of stalls that will help to unlock those phones with fees charged of course. and strange enough they all do it openly too.

Hence after a long thought I decided to bring it to those stalls to ask those Pa******* to help me to unlock it. On Monday when I brought it there, they say they will charged me GBP 10 to unlock it in 20 minutes. Some other stalls also charged GBP 10 but need to leave the phones for 2 or 3 nights with them. Needing more time to consider to unlock or not, hence I only decided to ask them to do it yesterday and guess what ..............

When I brought it back yesterday the same Pa******* want to charge me GBP13 liao and now he said I need to leave my phone with them for 2/3 nights instead of 20 minutes, reasons ..my phones new model...WTH!! Afterall he already saw my phone on Monday and already saw the model...so good in telling lies ones these Pa******!!

So final decision, I am going to bring back this lovely phone to Malaysia, can unlock then unlock it, if cannot then use it as an alarm clock , personal reminder and organiser and also as my address book and then display it in my display cabinet ...good idea hor? Who cares afterall only RM 40 for such a lovely phone.

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    Anonymous said...

    The phone is so cheap?
    Is there any other model??

  1. ... on 2:15 AM  
  2. X'tina said...


    Yes a lot of model even N95, but they are all locked, unless you can get people to unlock it for you or like me use as alarm clock lor...lol

  3. ... on 3:09 AM  
  4. Helen said...

    It's a nice looking phone. Maybe you can find someone to unlock it over here?

    Hey, go UK also din buy Apple Iphone ar?

  5. ... on 12:49 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    I got buy apple but without the iphone..lol
    Those that can unlock here very the "ular" type so can never trust them, nvm keep as toy also can after all so cheap.

  7. ... on 11:41 PM