When in Malaysia, an oil producing country, everytime there is an increase in oil price, the gaberman told us that oil in Malaysia is still one of the cheapest ...how true is it?

While in UK I saw the price of petrol sold here:

In Tesco:

UK Petrol Prices for Thursday 29th Nov 2007
Avg. Min. Max.
Unleaded: 102.8p, 98.9p, 113.9p
Diesel: 107.6p, 100.0p, 118.9p
LRP: 104.5p, 97.9p, 112.9p
Super: 109.5p, 101.9p, 117. 9p
LPG: 50.9p, 42.9p, 56.9p

You may say GBP is 7X RM , but remember that an engineer's starting pay in UK is GBP1800 while an engineer's starting pay is RM 1800 in Malaysia too!! So you tell me is petrol in Malaysia cheap?

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