Walk to burnley on our own today. Burnley is one of the towns in Lancashire.

This is how the whole of UK looks like at this time of the year.

Botak trees, gloomy weather and drizzling rain...like son#2 says in UK you see one town, you see all cos they all look the same...

Saw some very interesting signs on our way to Burnley town:

Got to go in and check?

We went to the famous Charter Walk of Burnley

Okay, which part of you that you wanted to get pierced, ring or bar ?? Then check here for the price charged.

Since we love to visit UK markets which has its own uniqueness, this is another one:
This is more like the flea market and you will be surprised that many angmoh patronised shops like these. Things here are marked new or used for shoppers. Original Levi jacket only costs GBP4!! Brand new Adidas jackets GBP 10!!
Cheese...all types and sorts.....you name it they got it...
I bought this super fresh and super cheap cauliflower to cook veggies soup this evening....39p only!!!
Lovely X'mas cake ...how I wish I can taste them !!
Ox's tongue..dare to eat?

Nice angmoh's hairstyle and colour hor??

Another X'mas decor:

Super huge banana bought from Burnley supermarket:

And this whole big bag of potatoes only costs 65p which I bought to cook Malaysian curry for son#2. The potatoes here are super fresh and super nice too!

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    Helen said...

    First thing first.. which part of your body did you pierced and how many 'adult' videos you bought?

    COme come let me know.... lol

  1. ... on 5:25 PM  
  2. Maverick SM said...

    I really love these pictures. It must be fun over in UK. So, keep enjoying the days there, for you will have to be back soooooooooon.

  3. ... on 9:56 PM  
  4. Anonymous said...

    teacher, what's angmoh? *blurr

  5. ... on 12:30 AM  
  6. X'tina said...


    No yet, still 3 more weeks to enjoy myself...lol

    Ang..means red
    Moh means hair

  7. ... on 7:37 AM