can u understand dis msg?

Sometimes when we see youngsters on msn , yahoo or sms-ing we are amazed by their
chat definitions or their shorthand in sms. We kiasu adults sometimes even act smart and pretend to know what they are typing but in actual fact we only know a few like b4, bb, gtg, brb, c u, tq, 2moro, 4get, lol, asap, bf, cos, cya, dat, dis,

So Aunties and Uncles who are reading my blog now, take a piece of paper and write out what the following means. Then check the answers below and find out how good you are in chat definitions.

i tell you u if you are gd , it k help u a lot wen u sms hor esp wen it is a lng sms and u not enuf characters den u nd to shrtn it.

What does the following means:

1. 10X

2. ATM

3. AYT

4. B4N

5. CD9

6. F2F

7. GFU

8. H8









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    nerdook said...

    i got 9 correct. yay, that means im technologically advanced. :p

  1. ... on 11:05 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Of cos u good lor cos u not uncles or aunties mah...Anyway 10X 4 taking d test

  3. ... on 11:20 PM  
  4. Maverick SM said...

    I got none correct; so how????

    I am not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ... on 1:41 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Don't worry, even if you are it is with
    "run fast fast b4 kena punch"

  7. ... on 6:01 PM