Entrance to the chapel, place for holy water:

Inside the chapel:

Choir practising for the mass:

The 14 Stations of the cross in the chapel:

We attended a mass at the chaplaincy hosted by an African Father and the resident priest Father Dennis. The mass and the singing is exactly like what we have back at home except for singing the Holy Holy part, here they sang the African version of it. And also here we all get to drink the wine from the chalice during communion.

Father Dennis and his homily:

After mass, this is the place where we all go to this cosy basement, Melting Pot Bar, to have a free cup of hot coffee or tea and free biscuits.

Love this picture on the wall, the Melting Pot Bar does serve wine, beer and Guinness every Friday night .

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    Anonymous said...

    awww. I love your holidays. :)
    Going to London ya.
    Your ex-student.

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