Flying with Emirates

For record purpose, this is my first blog entry from "Eng-kok", the Queen's land.
Outside temperature is now 5 degrees Centigrade.

I flew with Emirates Airline from Kuala Lumpur to Manchester via Dubai on 22nd November at 2 am. This is the first time I fly with Emirates Airlines after hearing so much about the Emirates from son and my friend who flies frequently from Kuching to Manchester.
I prerequested for diabetic meal when I booked my ticket with one of the travel agency. But when I get my first snack on my KL-Dubai sector, I was like errr.. !!like that kah?? Ok, let me show you what I got for my snack:

For breakfast I got this miserable thing which I have no idea what it is...taste terrible!! Squint your eye to see the MAS logo on the meal box. that explains the lousiness of the meal, I think!

Hubby got this for a normal meal (non diabetic meal)which is not much better than mine!!

At that stage I really regret for prebooking those diabetic meal. On arriving at Dubai. I told the front desk officer that I wanted to cancel my order for that diabetic meal for my connecting flight from Dubai to Manchester. I was told that I cannot change since my notice is less than 24 hours...sigh sigh..am I going to suffer for the connecting flight.???...:-(

Boarded the connecting flight at 7.15 am, Dubai time . Now if you complain about work efficiency in Malaysia, then wait till you see working attitude in Dubai airport, then Malaysia is more boleh lor.

On board Emirates Airline to Manchester I am very very pleased this time with Emirates. Air hostesses on board are super nice and the food are abundant...non stop servings, super duper nice, let me show you what I get to prove my words:

For snacks I got this:

For lunch I got this:
- smoked salmon with salad
-grilled herb chicken
- wholemeal bread ( now I have wholemeal phobia, after having so much wholemeal bread on board Emirates!!))

and hubby got this:
- stir fried beef
- hot smoked peppered salmon
- white chocolate profiterole
- chocolate

For snacks and drinks in between we ordered this :

Red wine and the milky liquid is a liqueur called Baileys as recommended by the air hostess. I remembered once on my trip back from China , out of ignorance , I ordered bloody Mary and it is indeed bloody. Hence this time around I am smarter than before, I asked for air hostess's recommendation and it was indeed nice. Baileys tastes like butterscotch. She also recommends Tia Maria which I haven't tried yet

White wine:

Second round of red wine to conter-effect the cold weather we will face on arrival.

Besides food and lots of alcohols , Emirates has this individula screens for everyone in board to get info on filghts with their airshow, showing you exactly the realtime flight route, front camera and downeard camera showing you the view down below without looking out of the window and the realtime landing and its runway.... plus entertainemnt with over 300+ movies and 30+ games


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Aleckii said...

Oh yeah! Emirates is definitely one of the best airlines in the world, and that comes from me, who flies an average 6 times a year. Their food is great, seats are rather spacious, in flight programming very impressive... but to tell you the truth, the best in flight food I tasted has to be Aeroflot flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, when they served us noodles with duck breast. And for dessert we had mango puddings. Until now I still can't forget how that meal tasted like. Slurp!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love Emirates, food, entertainment all are good. Best among the one i had use. Dubai airport not so big, but lots of place to shop.

London traveller said...

Good to hear about the food angle from a diabetics point of view - I have similar issues from the vegeterian angle.

I run a Dubai online travel website, and like to link to interesting blogs. I hope you don't mind me linking to this posting from our Dubai-Manchester flights page.

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