Reached Manchester safe and sound after flying for 14 hours with 2 hours of stopping over at Dubai airport.

My personal impression of English old folks is they are quite arrogant. 2 experiences at the Manchester airport proved my point. While waiting for our luggage, a tall old man just come forward and pushed me aside telling me that I have blocked his view of the bags rolling on the conveyor belt. I was thinking....what the heck..the belt is so long and what is my width of my head compared to the whole length of the conveyor belt where he can stand!!! Then another old folk again tell me I am blocking his view that is after I moved from the first complained position .. this is so called the Ang-Moh arrogant superiority complex!!

Pictures of Manchester:

Train that we took to the coach station: GBP 3.60 pp

Most buildings in Manchester look like this:

I spotted this cute and patriotic car near The national Express Office in Manchester
A Christmas bazaar in Manchester City
We will be back in Manchester next week or so to have the real sightseeing . At the moment , we are just passing through Manchester on our way to Burnley with our heavy luggage.

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