Telephone dringggggggggggggg...

Me: Hello

SIL: Chris, the skin lotion that I asked you to help me to buy in UK is QV Skin Lotion and not GV skin lotion that I told you the other day

Me: Can pass me the packaging box for that lotion to see before I fly off so that I will not get the wrong brand for you?

SIL: How to pass? OK, like this lar, tomorrow I will pass it to my brother and ask him to get it from my shop.

Me: OK lor.

After that I was thinking what lotion is that so good that she wants to buy from UK with an exchange rate of 7X ?? Hence I decided to Goggle (see can't live w/o Goggle even though Google is EVIL) search and I got this pic:

I picked up the phone to ring back to my SIL and that was only 1 minute later after she had rang me

Me : Hello SIL, is the lotion that you ask me to buy packed in blue and white bottle?


Me: Is there wavy wavy lines above that QV skin lotion sign?

SIL: Yes , YES

SIL: (very surprised!!!) How you know since I haven't passed you the box yet? Why you so LIHAI one??

Me; ( Sounds very proud) Aiyah.. cos I good in computer mah...can always ask Internet mah. So tomolo hor, no need to pass me the packaging box liao. I have the actual photo here liao

See how good Internet is.
I told you so.

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    Helen said...

    Hey, this brand not sold locally meh? I thot I saw it before? :-)

  1. ... on 1:20 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    It is sold locally but she wants me to find out whether it is cheaper overseas mah.As far as we know, it is much cheaper in Australia cos it is Aussie product.

  3. ... on 1:49 PM  
  4. Jerome C. Herrera said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. ... on 7:53 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Hi Jerome,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Actually I have already left a message at your blog. Your blog and the commuity blog has been added to my link. Do add me . TQ
    Regards: chris

  7. ... on 8:08 PM