In winter here , the days are really short and the nights are long. If you travel in UK you seldom see people outside their houses like we have back home in Malaysia. The only place you can see lots of people is, in the streets of bigger towns, and they are all busy doing their Christmas shopping.

Look at this picture and guess what time of the day it is:

This picture is taken at 4.30 pm and it is already dark and the street lights are already on!

All these X'mas decor are lit up by 4pm .

Since Bradford is so famous for its curry, we tried them at Omar's last night.

Once seated they will serve you plain water in this bottle:

Then appetiser will be served ...some Indian keropok and sauces:

We ordered 3 types of curries, 2 lambs and one chicken curry cooked with banana and pineapple.

For every curry ordered , you can choose to have rice or 3 chapatti. We have chapatti instead of rice.
When we finished all the curries, when you ask for bill, they will hand the bill with these small brightly coloured sweet minty sweets.

The curries are a bit too sweet tasting not like Malaysian Indian curries. here all curries are cooked with milk and yogurt. But they are very filling indeed. We are so full that we can't even finish the chapatti. okay I know you are wondering how much does that meal cost....

one set of curry with 3 chapatti costs 4.70 GBP so 3 sets costs 14.70 GBP which is equivalent to our RM 14.70. But if you convert to RM......... X 7 then you will surely pengsan!!

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    Maverick SM said...

    Chapatti is nice!!!

    Not that expensive lah. You go there only once a year. So, it's only RM10 a month. hahahaha!!!!

    If you work there, then it's just 14.70.

  1. ... on 9:04 PM  
  2. Aleckii said...

    Ohhhh... Indian food! Looks good!

  3. ... on 6:35 AM  
  4. Helen said...

    Looks good. But then I suspect their 'taste' is tailor-made for the Westerners who can't take too spicy.

  5. ... on 1:41 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Yeah I agree with you, if you work here , things here are actually very cheap especially food. Yesterday we bought a big bag of potatoes for 64p only...where on earth can you get a bag of potatoes for 64 On 400g bottle of Nescafe only costs 1 pound only...

    It looks good but it tastes a bit too sweet, still malaysian curries are the best lor.

    You are correct. I still think Malaysian curries are better and more stimulating for our taste buds, but the chapatti is nice.

  7. ... on 2:09 PM  
  8. angeline said...

    the indian keropok is called papadam, i think. :D

  9. ... on 2:45 PM  
  10. X'tina said...

    You are right. But in Malaysia I seldom eat Indian food except for roti canai.

  11. ... on 2:49 PM