We went for a long walk along Leeds an Liverpool canal on a bright and sunny day. Son#2 told us that it hasn't been so sunny for the last 3 weeks! Winter's weather here is gloomy and hubby remarked that now he understands why the Queen always look so gloomy...all because of England's weather...Lol..

It is a nice walk and surprisingly everybody greets ever body on the path of 2 hours walk.
Scenery during our walk:

handsome boy and handsome man:

Frozen leaf:
A man transporting the remote controlled heli:
The mill is actually a wholesale shopping department where you get buy cheap things and it is mainly the elderly who shops here:
see...so cold till the horse also wears clothing:
red berries are the only things left on this tree during winter:
Nice view of the canalwhich leads to Liverpool on one end and Leeds on the other end:
Abandoned mill:
Father-son-grandmother bounding , feeding the swans and the ducks
another mill:

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    Anonymous said...

    Hindraf should had asked you to pass their petition to Queen E2

  1. ... on 12:02 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Ask them to send to me by Poslaju then I will pass to the Queen when I go to London...lol

  3. ... on 9:07 AM