It was 7 months ago since I last cooked for son#1, that was after he stayed with us for 4 months ( he was away doing his undergraduate degree at petronas uni for the last 5 years), doing his temporary teaching in a girls' school that is opposite my boys' school. He left home in April to work for Petronas.Over google talk and YM he always tells me that he misses Mum's cooking.

Since now PR has dropped to that BIG FAT ZERO and no paid post to write lots of time to spare hence I decided to do lots of home cooking for son#1 while here:

Okay okay , we are not in Penjara Sungai Petani but in Sungai Petani lar... the prison looks so posh at night so can't resist to take the photo

Went to Tesco to buy grocery but I found the fish at Tesco are not fresh looking at all, so put me off that, I bought this:

Make some dumplings for son since he loves and miss the "kiaw" from Kuching so much. I found the semananjung "kiaw" skin is damn big lar.I stuffed it with lots of minced meat and water chestnuts

Son loves meatballs with mayonnaise and he had tried to make it himself a few times while here but failed miserably Hence here where mum comes in and teach him how to make for himself next time.

Tata.. a home cooked meal served with lots of food and love of course.

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    Helen said...

    X'tina, your son now got gf or not?

    If got, then I say you better write down more recipes on your blog for the gf to learn.

    Psst, next time she can cook for your son and you mar.. lol

  1. ... on 12:47 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    haha, good suggestion here moreover she does read my blog. But no need for me to write down recipe lar cos got a lot of good online recipe nowadays.

  3. ... on 9:15 PM