Went to Leeds yesterday by train @2.60 GBP per pax for a return ticket from Bradford. Leeds is a very vibrant city with lots of shopping centres.

Lots of nice food to try out in Leeds:

This is a shop that sells nothing but colourful soaps of all flavours, colours and sizes:

Live soap making demo in the shop:

Nice looking soaps.

Now what do you think these are?..... looks like swiss roll to you? Haha you are wrong these are for masking your face...LOL

I love those One Pound Shops. Things are cheap here because everything is one pound.

I noticed that these ang-moh , eat full and nothing to do one! They love to demo against nearly everything on earth:
This one demo against: buy one get one free

This one is about politics:

This one is singing Christmas carols on the street:

See, I told you they eat full nothing to do one.....

This is actually good time of the year to visit UK with all the beautiful Christmas decor and lots of Christmas market selling all types of Christmas puddings.Christmas sales are on.

We went to Leeds City Market, another place to try their nice local food:

All types and sizes of sausages are found here:

Went to Leeds Chinatown to get some ingredients to cook Sarawak Laksa for my son's friends in his university. We managed to get belachan, meehoon, taugeh and coconut milk here and son#2 even buy some mua-chi here.

Next interesting place we visited was the Millenium Market. this store sells German Speciality that is hot wine which tastes great...boiling hot, sour and sweet too.

Looking at his expression, can tell you how the wine tastes like. It is real nice to taste on a cold chilly day for it will bring lots of warmth to your body.

There is so much to see, to buy and to taste at the German market:

Saw this interesting shop in Leeds, it sounds very wild right? We didnt go in and check out what is actually inside.

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    Helen said...

    I love your pink coat ler! Nice.

    Lucky you tell me the girl is making soap.. I thought she's making teh tarik.. :-P

  1. ... on 1:27 PM  
  2. keeyit said...

    A lot of interesting things to see from your pictures..

  3. ... on 2:46 PM  
  4. Eric said...

    wow.. you guys sure have such a good time for vacation.. when you're back to kuching, visit swinburne on 15th December for its open day.. =D

  5. ... on 2:57 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Haha..Do I look like Pink Panther? lol.

    Since it is a completely nice place for us , we also find it very interesting to see the angmoh way of life.

    Sure, we have a great time here, especially trying new food here.

    Oops sorry, we will still be in UK then cos our flight back is on the 25th Dec so cannot go to Swinburne to attend the Open day which we would very much love to.

  7. ... on 9:05 AM