Haiyor.... just 2 days ago from computer and internet also baitahan liao...seem like so lost lidat.. so reach KLIA depature gate quickly check email....alamak 25 mails in hotmail and 15 mails in yahoo...
and then blog to update my die hard fans...nolar close friends at home to tell them that I am still alive and kicking,

Was in KL for the last 2 days , stayed at 5* hotels but no free Internet so cannot check mail and blog ....:-( ,

Hotel that we stay while in KL. I like the staff from bellboy to everybody there... very generous wit their smiles and their thank you and good morning.Good hotel and it is just next door to Suria KLCC

Hotel room:

View from the hotel window:

If they have can have a free broadband in each room then it will be a heaven to stay at that hotel....

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    Ehon said...

    Boulevard Hotel got internet!! Super fast one summore!!

  1. ... on 6:50 AM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Yalor, that is why I surprised....5* hotel but need to pay for Broadband...so inconvenient to stay connected.

  3. ... on 5:34 AM