Blogging with outside temperature 0 degrees Celsius and indoor temperature of 19 degrees Celsius

I have heard much about jet lag but not till I myself experience it , only now I know how does one feel when having jet lag.

Arrived Burnley at around 3.30 pm local time and it is 11.30 pm Malaysian time. I just cannot open my eyes and I felt so disorientated too. Dropped my head on the pillow and slept till I heard son#2 telling me that he is going to the nearby supermarket to buy foodstuff. He was asking whether we prefer chicken, beef or lamb. Blurringly I told him anything will do and back to my sleep again.

At around 7.30 pm ( UK time) he woke me up saying dinner is ready. That is supposed to be 3.30 am Malaysian time and I am still supposed to sleep. But son #2 cooked up nice grilled lamb with mint and olive mixed rice for us. Delicious meal.

And this morning I woke up at 2 am (UK time) tossing here and there and just couldn't sleep anymore cos it is already 10 am in Malaysia. And hence I end up with all theses post entries

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