After Taiping , my son drove us to Penang new shopping Mall, Queensbay mall. Very nice, posh and super long shopping mall.

View of Penang bridge from the car:

Notice that cute robot there? I doubt what is the purpose of having that robot there? And how many people actually notice that robot? Maybe by having a bikini dressed girl will bring the message across better hor! Somebody told me that in KL they have similar robot like this followed by 2 real bangala doing the same actions as that robot...maybe the gabermen found out later it is cheaper to employ the bangala then to buy the robot...

Queensbay Mall

Very windy here since it is overlooking Pulau Jerejak and we saw a lot of couples pak-toh-ing there.

I like the decor of this restaurant.

and this is ME!!

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    Helen said...

    Hey, show us what you bought lar! lol

  1. ... on 12:35 PM  
  2. Maverick SM said...

    Hi teacher,

    You still holiday ah? STPM exam is ongoing woh! No need to supervise ah!

    Have fun and have a nice holiday! I am not so lucky; still got to work; no holiday.

  3. ... on 1:49 PM  
  4. Ehon said...

    since when u went to taiping? so syiok, holiday..

  5. ... on 1:52 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    I no buy anything except foodstuffs and 2 scarfs( got sale mah)... cannot buy anything cos need to bring to UK & back to M'sia again

    I ponteng year then my turn to supervise so this year play 9 9 first.
    You all holiday different time so can get all the special airfare and special package one...not like us every thing expensive during school holiday...reason peak

    Wahlauyeh, holiday in Taiping Zoo with the monkeys and chimpanzees consider syiok kah??? LOL

  7. ... on 2:42 PM  
  8. Aleckii said...

    Glad to see that you're having fun there in Penang! I was there when I was in primary six. It all seems like a distant memory for me now... But I can NEVER forget the food in Penang. So many varieties, most of which you can't find in Kuching.

    Mdm Kong, snap up more pictures of food if you can!

    Have fun!

  9. ... on 2:49 AM  
  10. keeyit said...

    Got tried any penang or taiping local food ?

  11. ... on 8:52 AM