How will you feel when during New Year Eve your digicam just refuse to work? Refuse to work here means I just cannot press the button down in order to take photos!! The worst thing the digicam was only 4 months old at that time. Because it is under warranty, i got it repaired and fixed.

Then 2 months later, the battery compartment is jammed, so jammed that you cannot push open compartment to put in newly charged battery. What makes me more TULAN is the service man at the SONY service centre. He angrily accused me of putting in the battery the wrong way and that's why I got it jammed but he later opened it up in front of me and found that the battery are correctly put!!

Then now when I wanted to go travelling and intending to take lots of pictures( I even bought myself a 4GB thumb drive to store my pictures while travelling), that SONY CYBER-SHIT fails again. This time the shutter just don't want to close!!!I brought it back to the SONY centre ( I hate to see that man again!!) and he says to open it up I will be charged RM 50 since the extended warranty date is just over last month!! So all in all may cost me RM 150+ to get it repaired!!! I tell myself this is real sony-shit, better throw away and get other better brand with better customer service!!!

So never ever buy Sony camera!!! But now how to go travelling with such an unreliable camera???

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    keeyit said...

    Ok, really TL if my digital camera din work when I go for travelling..

    People always told me that sony camera is good.. BUT seems not ! I think you have to invest for Nikon or Canon one ! Mine is Nikon.

    Do more paid post hehe...

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  2. X'tina said...

    Yalor if you are not using, it con out nvm, but now....:-(
    Really feel super TL indeed!!
    Damn soi to buy a camera lidat one!! ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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  4. Maverick SM said...

    Get another one rather than live with a disastrous item that could constantly cause emotional stress. RM800 will solve a frustration. Otherwise the cost of psychiatric pain is worth much more.

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  6. brandon said...

    Hi teacher, its brandon, one of ur students fr class 2000. really appreciate ur blog, u have some talent! do check out mine when ur free - cheers!

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  8. Ehon said...

    CASIO and CANON is the way to go! :P

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  10. X'tina said...

    If not short of cash, getting a new cam is no problem , but when you are short of it after changing those diminishing RM to is real pain to get another cam, moreover this is only 1+ just have to live with those psychiatric pain till the next payday...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the kind words. Sure, I will check your blog out and add it to my link.

    Yalor , I still think Canon is better cos my old Canon digicam never give me these problems, so now want or not I have to bring my old Canon cam along just in case I cannot show you all UK pics with that KANASAI Sony

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  12. Helen said...

    Hey, did you go diss them in Shared reviews? hhahahhaha it'll be sweet revenge. Getting paid to diss them. :-P

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  14. X'tina said...

    I am so disappointed with that KANASAI sony that I am really thinking of writing a bad bad review for that camera.
    Diss them 9 9 and get USD 2. LOL..

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