Son: Where do you want to go today?
Me: Carnivall in Sungai Petani or Bukit Merah Water Park?
Son: Those parks are quite small lah and mini in size as compared to Sunway Lagoon
Dad: Then go to Taiping Zoo lor
Son: Ok let's jom

But we stop at one of the R&R perhentian to have our lunch, and interestingly this perhentian have a lot of ariwana for sale and this one costs RM 13,800!!

Admission ticket for the zoo is only RM 5 per adult and there is no charge for bringing camera into the zoo.
Once you enter the entrance there were be these "trains" waiting for you to bring you round the zoo at RM 3 per pax . I personally think it is better to walk than sitting on the train especially if you want to take as many photos of the animals as possible.

So these are the animals that are found in Taiping zoo.

Somebody suggested that that female gorilla should be wearing bra lar:

This is indeed a mute swan!!

In the snake house there are lots of snakes , some of them have just shed or molt their external skins.
Beautiful birds:
Some more snakes from the snake house:
Leopard and the horny deer:

Cute monkeys:Doesn't it look sad?
Babi bodoh : they have nose that are like mine detectors!!

Flamingo standing on one leg!!

Dyed flamingo

RM5 is indeed value for money to see so many animals. No wonder people say Taiping Zoo is very worth visiting!!

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    Helen said...

    Hey, I agree. That zoo is not too bad. The last time I went they were doing some renovation.

    I sure hope those animals are more comfortable. :-)

  1. ... on 12:34 PM  
  2. Eric said...

    shouldn't the "horny deer" be called "deer with horns"..? =p

  3. ... on 7:25 PM  
  4. keeyit said...

    Taiping zoo not bad arrr.. at least better than Malacca zoo..

  5. ... on 8:50 AM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Got d joke...."horny deer"? LOL

  7. ... on 5:36 AM