According to Star today, come next April Fool's Day, you will not be using the one sen coin anymore!!

I am not surprised if you, like me also have bottles and bottles of those one sen coins at home. What do you do with your 1 sen coins?
For me :
1. I will use it to pay those "Night-light Robbery" parking fees. People in authority just draw some white boxes here and there, even behind people's shops lots. You park then you pay policy. It costs RM 0.50 ( +tax some more!!) so all in all RM 0.53 for the first hour and RM 0.84 for the second hour. Hence every time I over park the time shown on the display coupon . I will pay with those 1 sen coin even if it is RM 0.53, then I will pay with 53 one sen coin.

2. To pay water bills when we have those sen sen at the back of the figures.

3. I do put some in my handbags for paying at supermarkets too.

I have seen my students just throwing away those one sen coin..... I was thinking to myself..HEY.. many one sen will make ten sen and many ten sen will make a ringgit and many ringgit will make you a millionaire man!!

So how do you spend your one sen coin ?

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