The pictures below show how we spent the first night of our holiday at LCCT.
Because our flight from Kuching to KL was at 9.50 pm and our connecting fight to Alor Setar was 7.15 am, we are forced to rough it out at LCCT.

There is wifi alright in LCCT but the wifi does not allow us to connect to yahoo messenger and also MSN messenger. And for your info all the socket head in the arrival place where we spent the night, are all "spoilt". I personally think it was done on purpose to prevent people from charging their hand phones and laptops while there. Moreover last time they used to be a lot of chairs at the check-in counters they have removed those as well..only leaving a handful of chairs, for the elderly and pregnant mothers. The sockets inside, the place we go after we checked in, are all in working condition.

After we went to the departure hall we saw these men at work, and I tell you they are damn efficient, moreover working at 4 am in the morning, That are setting it up for the Monsoon Cup 2007. Each of them knows specifically what his job is and they do their job without talking and chatting like other people. And within 2 hours they got everything set up. I was thinking to myself, if all Malaysians can work like that , our Malaysia sure very LIHAI one!!

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    Helen said...

    hahaaha I cannot stop laughing at those poor folks (sorry chris..:-P) roughing it out on the waiting lounge. Poor things! lol

    Should've bring along a sleeping bag huh?

  1. ... on 12:45 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    No use even if you have a sleeping bed because there is no place to put unless you want to sleep under the "tiang". I even found some sleeping at the "kaki lima"

  3. ... on 9:18 PM