Food in UK is cheap if you do not convert to RM. There is a fierce competition among supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Iceland and Somerfields. I love to go to those supermarkets and look and shop for foods. But need to remind myself not to go when I am hungry or else I will be bringing back lots and lots of food. Christmas is just round the corner and there is a lot of great offers for Christmas foods like minced pies, shepherd pies , Christmas puddings etc etc. We are enjoying UK food and stuffing ourselves with yummy yummmy food here. Nearly all the food pictured below costs GBP1 only !!

I even manage to buy these from Tesco and Sainsburys to cook Sarawak Laksa for son#2, since he loves Sarawak Laksa!!

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    keeyit said...

    How our life is without nice food ? Enjoy the food no matter where you are, UK or Malaysia.. hehe..

    Stuffs in Tesco Malaysia also cheap actually..


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  2. Helen said...

    You go vacation you still cook?

    **hands over #1 mother award** lol

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  4. X'tina said...

    For ur info, in Sarawak, we don't have any Tesco or Carrefour ..sobs sad hor....

    As a mother and to escape from cooking le? Anyway , cooking and eating are my hobbies,so children and husband untung

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