We were taken through a journey of Enlightenment at Chin Swee Cave, Genting:

First chamber:

Second chamber are for those who abduct men and women, occupying properties not belonging to them,caused others disability,doctors who malpractice, couples who cheated on each other,people who commit suicide :

Third chamber: For other whop disobey seniors,dishonest, disloyal, harmed otherscheat other money, who seduced others,forgery, false accounting, robbery and stealing.

Fourth Chamber: For those who evaded taxes, didnt pay their rents, cheated in sales, gave fake medicine, disrespect elderly, bullied good folks and littered.

Fifth chamber: For those who haggled over fames, stingy, like to fight and like to gamble, destruct water sources, shooting poultry and birds, refused to advised and killing

Sixth chamber: For those who show disrespect to God, committed vandalism, waste food,

Seventh chamber: For those who live lavishly, doing unethical business, tomb raiding, abortion, gambling and telling lies.

Eighth Chamber: For those who are not filial, caused fear to others, caused worries to their parents and in laws.

Ninth Chamber: For those who set fires to homes, destroy other properties, caused confusion, engaged in abortion service and rapists.

Tenth chamber: A drink will be offered at Meng Poh Ting so that all previous memories will be lost and reincarnation will take place here where you will be reincarnate into the six realms.You may become human, animal or even insect.

Footnote:Even though I am a christian and believe in eternal life, but looking at this journey of enlightenment, it is basically teaching us to do good in this life and to uphold the highest moral. Actually all religions and beliefs are guiding us through the correct path in our life.

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    bayi said...

    Thanks for the picturesque depiction of hell according to Chinese perception. I used to be fascinated by all these when I was a young boy.

  1. ... on 9:19 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    Thanks for the comment. Actually when you compare this Chinese perception, they do have some simlarities with the Christian belief.
    I believe that it is always good to live a clean and good life whether there is hell or no hell.

  3. ... on 9:31 AM