We enjoy a free shuttle bus service to and fro from Highland hotel to this beautiful temple.

Uncle Lim memorial statue greets you at the temple ground:
Uncle Sim and the temple, which we managed to climb right to the top:

Uncle sim's journey to the west

Best thing: Free transport and NO entrance fee to this cool temple hidden in clouds.

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    mickey said...

    hey, i love your blog, im going to genting as well this january, just wanna ask if the shuttle is free for all to chin swee cave or just for you guys you stayed on highlands, we're planning to stay at first world....

  1. ... on 11:57 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    The shuttle bus service is free for everybody. Just go the the Highland Hotel lobby and ask them. They will tell you the bus schedule from Highland Hotel and back to Highland Hotel. The bus is very very punctual a super skilful and careful driver to negiotate with the sharp turn and height.
    Happy Holiday in Genting. I love Genting.

  3. ... on 7:51 AM  
  4. Nadi said...

    Hi X'tina,

    You've mentioned that the shuttle is free for everybody. Does that include tourists who do not stay at Highland Hotel? We are travelling from KL to Gingtang and going back the same day!


  5. ... on 8:12 PM  
  6. X'tina said...

    Hi Nadi.
    The shuttle bus is free for everyone, inclusive of tourists not staying in any hotels in Genting.

    But during this September Raya holidays while we were there because of the landslide near Genting, the shuttle bus was not available so we need to take the Awana cable car to go there and it cost RM 3.60 per pax per way. The free shuttle bus should be okay by now since Genting management are so efficient.

  7. ... on 8:19 PM  
  8. Kitty said...

    Hi, I going to visit Chin swee cave next week, do you have an idea how long it will take to see the whole place? thnx.. your blog is a big help for me.

  9. ... on 11:32 PM