Just half an hour ago I got a phone call from my friend Mr Tan CJ asking me to go outside to look at the sky outside and I saw this :

and it is because of this:

WOW what a sight to behold....

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    norman goh said...

    Wow! That's so cute! Hahaha.
    Btw teacher, I saw a BIG book on planets and space at the Tun Jugah Popular Bookshop. It's beautiful. Big sized astronomy book. Lovely space pictures of planets, comets, galaxies, nebulae.

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  2. Pink Cotton said...

    too bad i missed it :(
    my area was very cloudy at around 8pm...

    i was searching for this pic and i stumbled upon your blog...nice one :)

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  4. Choonie, the Guru said...

    I just watched it in tv. Too bad, I missed the real one.

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