We all woke up at 5.00 am to go to Kintamani to watch sunrise...but this was all we saw......

So instead of seeing sunrise we saw these volcanic rocks,

and this beautiful balinese building:

Next stop: Sacred Spring of Pura Tirta Empul at Tampak Siring:

It is believed that the this holy water is God's gift as it comes springing from underground and there are 2 huge catfish in the water. If you see both the catfish at the same time, you will have full luck. I only managed to see one which is considered quite lucky already so my luck was only half full so I tried my half full luck on this

..........20 million man!!!......( to be continued)

This is the 6D that I bought by asking for a lucky pick at Toto counter:

Since I only see one fish instead 2...so out of 6 numbers I "kena" 3...see that is what I call half luck and the prize money is.......more or less 8042.89 rupiah man!!! and that is RM 3..Hahaha..at least kena is better than no kena, right?

Day 2 Bali continued:
After the Holy Spring, it was time to fill our noisy stomach , so Dewa our tour guide bought us to this warung called 2M

And that handsome man is my husband not Dewa alright?

The warung has this balinese way of sitting while taking meals but as a Chinese I still prefer sitting down in the normal way on the chair to take my brunch.

We ordered Balinese coffee ( 6000 rupiah = RM 2.40 ) which taste good and these super delicious pork satay ( Rp 15 000 = RM 6) with the fat oozing out when you bite the satay...yum yum

Even white rice is nice cos the balinese planted this rice

I ordered nasi campur ( Rp 20 000 = Rm 8) which is hot and spicy but nice too

And my friends ordered nasi lemak ( forgot to ask her the price....)

When your stomach is no more noisy what is the next best thing to do beside zzzing...........shopping of course...So there we went to Sukawati Art Market

How we bargain...everything we see we bargain Rp 20 000 which is equal to RM 8...and we succeed in most of our purchases..

After eating, shopping , we divided our group to 2 groups, one group going for the Barong dance and one group going for nature study at the Waterfall at Tegenungan Village. Mind you nothing is free in this world even visit to this waterfall cost us Rp 4000 per pax and the fees are collected by little children waiting at the so call entrance of the waterfall.

Altogether there are 171 steps going down to the waterfall:

Okay after food, shopping, seeing nature the next stop is Bali House seeing all the cultures of Bali: Free entrance for this:

Nothing much to see here....

Next stop is the best " Babi Guling Gianyar" which is best of the best and cheap too. My friend who could not take hot food love it so much despite of being super hot with lots of chilli padi. They make the pig skin into crispy keropok.

A plate of this with a glass of lime juice is only Rp15 000 = RM 6

Next stop: is Bedulu - Goa Gajah aka Elephant Cave which is at least 700 years old. We didn't go in, instead we are lost in those "shopping caves" near the Goa Gajah.

After a tiring day going here and there what was better than a good balinese massage which I prebooked with Venezia before going to Bali at Rp 80 000 = Rm 30 for an hour of pampered balinese massage.

What is better than a hot cup of ginger tea and fruits after a nice balinese massage!!

After a super nice refreshing massage we rang up Tegal Sari to send us to Lotus Lane restaurant to meet my friends ( who did not go to the massage) there . Without knowing that there are 2 Lotus Lane restaurants in Ubud, we went to one while my friends were waiting for us at the other one. This being the first time we were in Ubud town, we still managed to find the Lotus Lane restaurant that my friends were waiting with growling stomachs.

I ordered plain water that cost Rp 9000 = RM 3.60 per small bottle, so expensive that I took this bottle back as souvenir

Food here is very expensive , I don't know why Bali Travel Forum ppl loves and recommended this restaurant!!

We ordered this minced satay with rice that cost Rp 52000 = Rm 21,

and this 1/2 baby duck that was baked underground for 24 hours for Rp 85 000 = RM 34 !!

This is the reason why it is called Lotus Lane restaurant:

So very paiseh that my friends insisted that they paid for my meal and my husband meal , if I know i will not have tried that duck which is so expensive...really really paiseh ....

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    ehonchan.com said...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Got win 10 million or not?!

    So happy huhh.. I also wanna go Bali!!

  1. ... on 5:09 AM  
  2. I'm Choonie. said...

    I just watch a Taiwan travel log about the place you saw the catfish. She saw both cat fish but not at the same time. She even dipped into the pond (pic #10). She said that this way she will get the blessing to be rich. hahaha...

  3. ... on 7:09 PM  
  4. X'tina said...

    Go to bali for ur honeymoon, highly recommended!!

    Can see that the Taiwan lady is real desperate cos it is not easy to go down to that pool . you shud have tell me earlier than I would have been a 20 millionaire now...haha

  5. ... on 8:44 PM