We really enjoyed our stay at Tegal Sari Hotel, we kind of feeling sad feeling sad that we were be checking out today and checked into Ida Hotel today, venturing from a known place to another unknown place.

We woke up at 7 am to have an early breakfast at Tegal Sari , then use all the available time to explore Ubud town which we haven't done so yet except for looking for that Lotus Lane restaurant.
Pure mango juice :
Non oily fried mee with no msg:
Strawberry for breakfast:

Banana pancake:

Tegal Sari Hotel and its surroundings:
Offerings on the steps to my hotel room:
My room ( No. 6)
Incense in my room which lets off a very nice and calm aroma, it is dipped in oil. I tried to burn it bit it seems that it will not burn. I think the hotel staff saw the burning on the incense so they change a new one for me.
Ducks in the padi field facing my room:
Balinese are so creative!!
Pond near the hotel restaurant:

Hotel's garden Hotel's pond:

Paintings on the restaurant wall:

Hotel's library:

Hotel's internet corner: ( very expensive surfing)

Hotel's indoor games corner

Exploring Ubud town on foot :

To get the best of Ubud town we walked all the way to the town:

Monkey Forest road at 8 am
Monkey forest:

hello friend....

The monkey new found friend
This monkey is begging for more since this is the first time anybody ever fed them with cashew nuts...

Seems that bamboo is so useful to people in Bali:

Nice road pavement..
Balinese crafts
My friend regretted for not buying these " ducks"

creative hor... Ubud shops..very English styled
Sreet vendor selling balinese hats:

Nice arranged decor at one of the shop's door.. I was thinking if we do that in Malaysia were our Malaysia boleh kids "kacau " them???
Ubud market
Vanilla pods

Cendol seller at the market:Hindu's offering for sale:
Ubud veggies Market:
Makisan aka passion fruits
Bananas which the balinese people are very creative with...mash them up amd used a bread filling in sandwiches

Pitiful papaya:

More handicrafts:

Lunch at :

Toilet sign:

Garden scene

Iced tea@ Rp 6 000 = RM 2.40
Fried 1/2 baby duck aka Bebik begil @ Rp 63 000 = RM 25
Veggies that come with the duck

Sauce and appetiser for that super expensive duck:

Veggies + rice for the satay RP 40 000 = RM 16
Pork satay
Pay the many hundreds rupiah bill: that is Rp 135 135 = RM 56

Self certified baby duck diner:

Statue in Denpasar roundabout:

Check in : Ida hotel , Kuta @ USD 35 per night

Gateway to Ida
My room No. 7

Entrance to the gateway: My room

This is just in front of my room to go to the swimming pool:
This is how we spent our 2 night lives in Kuta:

The jacuzzi that we dipped ourselves in every night:

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    ehonchan.com said...

    how much was the stay in that place at Kuta?

    looked like super fun huh!!!

  1. ... on 4:00 PM  
  2. X'tina said...

    The Ida hotel was USD 35 per nit, booked through internet via the hotel website...now it has increased to USD 40. Quite nice and centralised the hotel, except the staff are not as friendly as those we had at Tegal Sari Hotel, Ubud.

  3. ... on 4:07 PM  
  4. Anonymous said...

    Do you bought the cendul?

  5. ... on 1:35 AM