After reading from the Chinese newspaper, about Bamboo Cafe and the cheap food there, we all set out to look for Bamboo Cafe in Legian with the help of our map.
these were what we saw on our way to Poppies Lane fom Ida Hotel which is right behind Matahari Supermarket.

This is Poppies Lane 1:

After walking through that long and narrow lane , we finally find this Bamboo Cafe.

Let's see the price of food here: This is one of the cheapest place to eat in Bali besides those warung by the roadsides. Rp 1000 = RM 0.38

The Rp 3000 = RM1.20 tea
Satay with rice that cost around Rp 16000 = Rm 6
Fried Squid with rice that is around Rp 15 000

This is the seafood basket that we loved , cheap and big portion which is enough for two @ Rp 50 000 = Rm 20 . of course it is not as nice as the sea food basket that I had in KK, the Fish & Co but it is cheaper here in Bali.

This is chicken chop , I think...

What is better than a walk and admiring the famous Kuta sunset after such a heavy meal of seafood, but from my eyes, Kuta sunset is only so so, we get better sunset view at home. I just didn't understand why there were so many people on the beach in Kuta just to watch that so-so sunset...

Things we saw on our way back to Ida Hotel:

What a name for a cafe??? A&W at Matahari Supermarket with the price in rupiah:

Reminder: Kuta is very very hot , some of us got sunburnt.

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