I almost nearly declared this blog a dead one with Amazing Grace singing in the background. After my house was broken into, with my laptop stolen while I was sleeping ,really leave me more paranoid than ever which leaves me to think - not to expose too much of my happenings and what I owned and possessed to the public eyes and ears.

After that incident I learned not to trust people too much. When I recalled and reflected.....if that evening when that man and woman came to my house (evening prior to the break in ) If I did not open the gate and let them in , then maybe my house will not be broken into. Because I am 101% sure that they are the only person who saw me taking the keys from that basket which was only there for a day!! and the man also saw my son's laptop and my laptop on the table!!

Nowadays I really feel so unsecure
- when I see strangers near my house,
- when I hear motorbikes passing my house at those wee hours especially from 2 am to 4 am
- when I hear dogs' barking at wee hours
- when I hear any click clock sound downstairs when I am upstairs
- when I hear neighbours gate being opened ...

Oh yes , my neighbour's (who is also my BIL) dog, Bobo, has died. The vet has diagnosed it as death from poisoning and ever since that break in night the dog has acted strangely (no barking that night) and no appetite since. It died a painful death with blood coming out from its mouth, nose and ears...pitiful sight indeed!!

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    I'm Choonie. said...

    Just weeks after your case, my parents' house was broke in too. Lost a laptop, ipod, watches, camera, money and our first and only dog was murdered too. We all cried not because we lost our belongings but the dog was a part of our family now. Gee... I know your feeling. You just feel so insecure even in our own house. I am now trying to be more careful especially when I am alone.

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  2. Anonymous said...

    With the economy in such dire straits, and the cost of living gone up through the ozone layer, more and more slackers-in-life have to turn to unscrouplous means to survive. 16 year-old schooboys are now kidnapping their own classmates for ransom and then killing and burning their victims for fear of being recognized after receiving the ransom money

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  4. Seraphina said...

    Hi Pn Christina.. Seraphina Norman here.. remember me??
    Anyways... I'm currently in uni now. And yeah... my place got broken into as well. My new laptop, and phone was like gone.. And the thought of losing it really sucked! For me, it's tough because I need to use the laptop everyday due to assignments. So currently, I'm using my room mate's laptop. So... I can only use it when she's not using which is early in the morning or late at night.. Quite troublesome sometimes.. but oh wells. I'm also swept away by my paranoid moods when I'm alone. I guess that it's like a part of life's experience..

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  6. Anonymous said...

    The evil people should die for killing a sweet innocent dog :(..
    I cannot imagine it happening to my own dog... Teacher, my mother is also a little like you. Everytime my dog barks or when she hears motorbike sounds, she will ask me to go downstairs and check. Better save then sorry right?

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